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Dental Waterline Testing

Dental Waterline Testing

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What’s in your dental water?

Bacteria in dental unit waterlines is a serious problem. If your dental water does not meet the ADA guidelines and CDC recommendations for infection prevention & control, your patients are at risk.  If left unaddressed, colonizing bacteria can grow to be biofilm and can result in unsafe and odor producing water.


Water Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is a critical part of any treatment plan. The CDC and ADA recommends that...

"Coolant water used in non-surgical dental procedures meet EPA regulatory standards for drinking water, which is less than or equal to 500 colony forming units of heterotrophic bacteria per milliliter of water."

Protecting dental patients and clinicians can only be assured by obtaining certified microbiological test results that proves safe & compliant dental water.

Mail-in Water Test



Every test ordered comes with an all-inclusive collection kit that makes collecting and sending in your water samples easy.

  1. Order water collection kit
  2. Collect water sample
  3. Mail-in samples in the provided box  
  4. Receive fast results
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Collection Kit

Water collection kits are delivered within 2-3 business days from date of purchase.  Water collection kit includes:

  • Sterile vials
  • Bubble mailer or Insulated shipper
  • Freezer packs
  • Chain of Custody and Instructions

  • Optional pre-paid Next Day return label

Assured Results

HPC Testing: This test provides a quantitative heterotrophic plate count (hpc) that has a 95% confidence limit. To further assess your test results we also include a pH and TDS test with each order.

Optional Testing: Secondary tests for copper, fluoride, silver, chlorine and iodine can be added to your order. 



Fast Response

Comprehensive results are emailed 48 hours after receipt of samples. Certification of compliance (for all passing lines) are mailed to your facility within two weeks after the results are released.


Certified Results*

A certification of compliance is issued if the HPC test results show less than 500 CFU/mL bacterial content. Customers can proudly display their water quality certificate knowing that their water is clean, safe and compliant. *Upon request only. 

Industry Standard

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Agenics' reputation for accuracy and customer service extends to every segment of the dental industry.

 Our customers include:

  • Dental Schools
  • Government
  • Military
  • Large and multi-chain clinics
  • Small to mid-size private practices

Ask the water experts


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your water quality. We are happy to help!



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