When water testing kit arrives:

1. Upon the arrival of the water testing kits, inspect contents and follow all instructions closely.

Test kits include:

  • Vials

  • Cold pack

  • Return packaging

  • Chain of custody and instructions

2. Run refrigerant packs under warm water until expanded. Wipe packs dry and place in freezer.

Taking samples:

1. Collection of samples MUST be taken on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure delivery by Thursday.

2. When taking samples, avoid cross contamination by taking the following precautions:

  • Wear clean sterile gloves.

  • When taking the cap off the vial, place face up.

  • Do not touch the insides of the vials or the outlet tip of the water line.

3. Run water into a sink for at least 10 seconds before taking sample.

4. Without stopping the water flow, fill vial with water sample. Seal cap tightly.

5. With a permanent marker, mark each vial with a sample # and a 2-3 word description.

6. Place samples in refrigerator until shipped. DO NOT FREEZE!

7. Complete the Chain of Custody Form. Make sure sample numbers and descriptions match what is written on each vial. Place the form in the box.

Sending samples:

1. Place vials and frozen ice packs in cooler box provided. Pack vials as loosely as possible and confirm each vial is touching an ice pack.

2. Confirm box is securely sealed.

3. Ship samples on a Monday or Tuesday via 2ND DAY AIR or OVER NIGHT. If requested at check-out, use the prepaid UPS® label provided*.

4. Notification of results scheduled for 4 days from time of receipt of samples. You will receive an email with results.

5. You will receive certification after testing is complete and all samples are compliant.

*Return shipping labels are not included in the standard kit pricing but are provided by Agenics at an additional cost. You can request these labels when ordering or use your own label. Please note that UPS® charges a fee for scheduled pick-ups, this fee is not covered in the cost of the return label nor does Agenics pay for this fee. To avoid the extra fee, you can place the label on the insulated shipper and drop the package off at any UPS® store.