Step one: RECEIVe water collection kit

Upon arrival, inspect the contents of your water collection kit.

Test kits include:

  • Vials

  • Ice packs

  • Return packaging

  • Chain of custody and instructions

  • Next Day Air return shipping label (if purchased)


Complete this step prior to the water sampling process.
Improper use will result in voided tests and no refunds will be given or an additional payment will be required to replace the water collection kit.

  1. Massage the ice packs under warm water for at least 1 minute to activate the gel. Fully expanded ice packs should be approximately ¾ of an inch thick.

  2. Thoroughly dry ice packs and place in freezer for at least 5 hours until frozen. Freeze overnight for best results.

step three: collect Water samples

Take samples in provided sterile vials Monday - Thursday only. Make sure to ship the water samples on the same day you collect them.

  1. Avoid cross contamination: Use sterile gloves, place vial caps face up, and do not touch outlet tip or interior of vial.

  2. Collect samples from each dental waterline hand-piece or a composite sample from each dental unit (to make a composite sample, combine all water sources from one chair or op into one vial).

  3. Run water from each source to be tested for a minimum of 10 seconds before filling sample vial.

  4. Collect water in the sample vials and seal tightly. Fill the vial completely to ensure adequate sample volume.

  5. Using a black permanent marker, mark each vial with a sample # corresponding to the Chain of Custody sheet.

  6. Secure the lid on each vial, wipe clean with a disinfectant wipe and place in clean seal-able bag provided.

  7. Refrigerate the samples if time between sample collection and shipping has exceeded one hour. DO NOT let the water freeze!

step four: complete CHAIN OF CUSTODY

All information is required. This information will be used on the water test report.

  1. Carefully document the room/chair numbers and water source descriptions (e.g. Room 1 Air/Water Syringe).

  2. It is recommended that a copy of the chain of custody be kept for your records.

  3. Place Chain of Custody in provided seal-able bag to ensure it stays dry during transit.

step five: ship samples

DO NOT SHIP samples Friday – Sunday or during Holidays (call for more info).

  1. Place samples in provided seal-able bag and wrap the bag with the vials in the frozen pack(s).

  2. Place the ice wrapped vials in the insulated mailer along with the chain of custody.

  3. Close and seal the insulated mailer, and ship using an Overnight return label (not included unless purchased during checkout). Ship samples to the address indicated at the bottom of this document.

  4. Keep package refrigerated after sample collection if time between collection and shipping has exceeded one hour.

  5. Ship samples overnight Monday – Thursday to ensure our lab receives them by Friday.

*Please note that UPS® charges a fee for scheduled pick-ups, this fee is not covered in the cost of the return label nor does Agenics Labs pay for this fee. To avoid the extra fee, you can place the label on the insulated shipper and drop the package off at any UPS® store.