Dental Water Line Treatment is EASY! Part 2: Straws

Last week we looked at the most basic of dental water line treatment products, the tablet. We touched on the necessity of both a shock treatment as well as a daily maintenance treatment. The next level of dental water treatment products are designed to continuously treat dental unit water lines, sometimes for an entire year.


Straws are possibly the most maintenance free solution to dental unit water line treatment available on the market. Straws are a great product to look at for practices that use either distilled or good quality tap water in chairs that are supplied via independent water bottles. Products such as the 365 day Sterisil Straw or the Dentapure DP365 are designed to replace the existing pickup tubes in your water bottles. Both products require fractions of the maintenance time that tablets require and some even eliminate the need to empty your bottles and purge water lines at the end of the day. The Sterisil Straw even includes an integrated shock treatment that automatically dispenses after installation. As with all dental water line treatment products, read the EPA labeling carefully before installing to ensure that you are using the products correctly.

Adrian Chynoweth